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Here at Bull Energy Services we offer a variety of safety equipment as well as other services to help you with any job you may have that needs to be done, some of our available equipment and services include: 

Frac Walks (Rigged Up) 001.JPG

Frac Tank Walkways

One of the primary resources you can find here at Bull Energy Services is the Frac Tank Walkway. These walkways provide a secure railed bridge spanning the frac tanks, providing an unobstructed view into each individual tank. This provides an elevated, safer and more effective means of monitoring frac tank levels. In addition, these walkways eliminate the hazards associated with traversing up and down each individual tank.

Pump Stand 001.jpg

Frac Stand

Fabricated to your specifications.


Electric Light Tower

These Electric Light Towers are no spark light towers. Their cords are hard wired to the machines and reach over 175 ft. to the power source. This allows the light tower to safely sit within any area where engine run light towers would be an extreme hazard. These LED light towers put out 122,112 lumens per unit.

Hopper 001.jpg

Bekka Lube Hopper

Fabricated to your specifications.

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